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Clove Gum - 20 ct. Box

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Clove Gum is chewing gum flavored with cloves. The distinctive flavor of Clove Gum has made it a coveted item among knowledgeable Candy Freaks and Fans.  Only one gum manufacturer produces the original Clove Gum product.  Clove Gum can be a hard item to find.  Serious fans of Clove Gum are always on the look-out for new sources of supply.  You can bet the farm that when Clove Gum is about to released on the market – word spreads fast and supply can quite disappear!

Manufactured since 1914 by the Thomas Adams Company - Clove Gum is one of the oldest continuously sold flavored gums on the market.  Popular in the Prohibition era when people thought that cloves would disguise any scent of alcohol on their breath.  Don’t tell The Boss!  The Adams Company has been acquired by Cadbury and is known as Cadbury Adams today.

Many people think of Clove Gum as a nostalgic or old-fashioned gum because it has been in production for a long time.  Cadbury Adams continues to use the same outside packaging which helps to promote the “mystique” of nostalgia candies – and most people think that the secret formula has remained unchanged.   Did you know that Cadbury Adams also manufactures Black Jack® gum?

Clove Gum is only manufactured every few years, and while it is produced in large batches, candy and gum sellers typically run out at a certain point. Fans of Clove Gum often stock up whenever it appears on the retail market!







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