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Cadbury Malted Milk Bar - Box of 24 x 48g Bars

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Cadbury Malted Milk Bar - Clearly marked on the outside for malt lovers everywhere, the inside of the chocolate bar delivers sweet caramel plus loads of fluffy nougat.  If you love the sight of a Milky Way or 3 Musketeers bars, this is the candy bar for you!  One bite will show a foamy nougat filling that is just slightly malty with a strip of caramel on top.  A layer of sweet milk chocolate covers the entire candy bar. It may remind you of a Milky Way - but the nougat filling tastes more malty, just a wee bit better than the Milky Way.  

Some folks need to acquire a taste for the malt flavor in the Cadbury Malted Milk Bar - but for me this is what makes this item more unique.  Others just love the tasty caramel packed inside - with just a hint of salt to offset the sweet center wrapped up with a great tasting chocolate coating.  Better than a Milky Way bar?  You be the judge!

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